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The Austrian Military


The Austrian armed forces have been providing logistical (material and personnel) support for the "Paths of Peace" operations since 1983, which would otherwise have been unattainable to the association. This support includes supplying heavy equipment and helicopters as well as specialists. Without this invaluable help, much of the work and projects for the "Paths of Peace" would not have been possible.  

Naturally, celebrations pertaining to the Paths of Peace are celebrated with our neighbours.

Bomb Disposal Squads


Dangerous unexploded ordinance is occasionally still found in unfrequented locations. The bomb disposal squads have been actively involved in the extrication, defusing, removal and disposal of volatile wartime ordinance in the Plöcken Pass region since 1983.

Upon discovery of unknown live explosive ammunition it is imperative to notify the appropriate authorities in the region.


For the lay-person the motto is: “Keep your hands away, otherwise you might lose them!”

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