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The Hausalm – a former cheese dairy – serves as the Friends of the Dolomites’ base camp for the annual construction projects around the area of the open-air museum on the Plöckenpass. It can be reached via a short stretch of gravel road, passing the lake Grünsee, or – the steeper option – directly via the trail leading up through the meadow.

The building was destroyed right at the beginning of the war in 1915 and was then rebuilt after the war.

Just above the building, there was the only field emplacement that had already been prepared during the peace preceding WWI; however, it was mostly destroyed by artillery barrage and later demolished, following the Treaty of St. Germain.

The area of the Hausalm also serves as the starting point for the historical cable car leading up to the Kleiner Pal. It was built following the design that was used for many cable cars along the mountain front line.

Every summer, the cable car forms the indispensable backbone of the construction projects on the Kleiner Pal. The luggage of all volunteers and staff as well as all of the construction material, provisions and every drop of drinking water is transported to the mountain camp by means of the cable car.

From here, you can climb the Kleiner Pal via the “Landsturmweg”.

The short train track is used to transport goods from the last possible car access to the cable car. The train track was also reconstructed with the aid of historical records.

Cable Car 67a

​​​Planning and design: Office of Military Construction

Execution: cable car platoon of the Austrian forces “special purposes engineer company” with support of the 2nd squadron of the 3rd helicopter wing

Management: Friends of the Dolomites

Technical specifications

Elevation gain: 550m

Span width: 1048m

Net load: 180kg

Duration (one-way): approx. 15 mins.

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