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Towering above the Plöckenpass across from the Kleiner Pal, the Cellon was occupied by Italian troops in 1915. The Imperial and Royal constabulary district sergeant Simon Steinberger successfully led five men to take the eastern summit in the early hours of 24 June.

After the taking of the Cellon summit emplacement by the Alpini in 1916, the Austrians significantly fortified the Cellonschulter and created a safe access to the Cellonschulter by constructing the Cellonstollen (tunnel).

More detailed information can be found in the publication “Unterwegs vom Plöckenpass zum Kanaltal” (available in German).

The trail that leads to the entrance of the tunnel begins just before the border, on the Austrian side. 

The only subterranean via ferrata of 180m in length is now equipped with rungs and secured with fixed rope throughout.

Elevation gain: 117m.

We advise to use a via ferrata set, headlamp and helmet for ascent through the Cellonstollen.

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