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As a member of the Friends of the Dolomites you get:

  • The magazine “DER DOLOMITENFREUND”, which is published twice a year in German and Italian language. It contains reports and information about the society and the work area as well as contributions about historical and alpine topics.

  • Free entry to the “Museum 1915-1918”

Annual membership fee:

  • Full membership: € 20

  • Family members: € 6

  • Sponsors: € 40

Sponsors and donors are documented in our magazine “DER DOLOMITENFREUND”.

We are always happy to welcome new members!


Click here for membership form:

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Your personal contact


DEUTSCHLAND: Pit Kübler • e-mail: Contact

SCHWEIZ: Dipl.Ing. Stephan Walder • e-mail: Contact

Our bank details

Raiffeisenbank Kötschach-Mauthen


IBAN: AT22 3936 4000 0000 0406



​Please send your membership fee or donation via PayPal – saving time and trouble:

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