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The World War of 1915-1918 left numerous traces on the mountains between the Ortler and the valley of the river Isonzo.

In 1973, the FRIENDS OF THE DOLOMITES – a non-profit organisation founded by Prof. Walther Schaumann – began to restore dilapidated mountain paths along the front of 1915-1917 with the help of volunteers, in order to make them accessible again as ‘paths of peace’, following the credo


                   “Paths that were once dividing front lines shall bring us together today.”


Due to the hiker's increasing interest in the war-time events, we have established open air museums at various places in the Dolomites and in the Carnic Alps, thus turning former sites of war into places of peaceful encounter. 

Originally, grandchildren and great-grandchildren of the former enemies Austria and Italy collaborated on the trail construction. Today, our sites have seen numerous volunteers from more than 20 nations who all worked together on these ‘paths of peace’.

Volunteers receive full board and insurance, but they have to pay for their travel expenses themselves.

We are always happy to welcome new members or volunteers to work on the paths of peace!

In accordance with data protection regulations (DSGV), we inform you that we will keep your data private; that we will use it exclusively for internal purposes; and that we will not disclose it to, or share it with, third parties.

Your Donation:

Membership fees alone are not enough to finance our activities. We need your help! Please support us with your donations. Thank you!

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