Our work area at the Plöckenpass/Carinthia

Since 1983 the Friends of the Dolomites have been active in the area surrounding the Plöckenpass in the Carnic Alps. During the First World War, the frontline between Austro-Hungary and Italy ran mostly along the mountain ridges on either side of this pass. Today, the pass, which cuts through the Carnic ridge at an elevation of 1360 m, provides an important transportation link between Austria (Carinthia) and Italy (Friuli).

The Base Camp "Hausalm"

Our base camp and headquarters are located at an elevation of 1275 mat the entrance to the beautiful and unspoiled valley Angerbachtal. From the Plöckenhaus, it is approximately a 15-minute-walk. The base camp is connected to the power supply system. The base camp complex consists of a kitchen that also serves as the lounge or living room, the administration office and administration sleeping quarters, a storage depot and workshops as well as volunteer sleeping quarters. If the water levels of the nearby well permit, it is possible to use take a shower in the bathroom.


The Mountain Camp "Kleiner Pal"

The mountain camp is located approximately 600m above the base camp (ca. a 1-hour-hike), just below the summit of the Kleiner Pal. A lightning-resistant shelter provides protection for a maximum of 10 persons sitting down. Basic sleeping quarters are provided for volunteers, but they can also pitch their own tents in the surrounding area. The cable car (supplies only) is used to transport all luggage as well as materials, provisions and drinking water to the mountain camp.

Communication with the base camp is provided via radio and cell phone. In the event of technical or weather-related cable car service interruption, staff will need to prepare their meals from the provisions stored on location.